Vintage Brooch Repairs & Restorations

"I can't quite believe how well you've managed to restore the brooch, the transformation is remarkable!"

Brooches are a delicate piece of jewellery that over time can be easily damaged. Over time, it's common to find that your vintage brooch is in need of a little restoration work. M Flynn Restorations has had over 40 years experience of restoring fine, antique brooches.

Brooches come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and use an array of precious metals, stones and enamels. Whatever your brooch is made of and whatever materials are used in it, we have the skills and expertise to repair and restore your brooch back to it's original beauty!

You can see a few examples of the brooch repair work we've done in the past in the gallery opposite. Click on the thumbnails to the left to reveal the before and after photos of brooch restoration work.

For more information or a free consultation please call 07899787560 or email

Floral brooch repair Green Vintage gemstone Brooch restoration Snake enamel and gemstone brooche Precious stone fox brooch Delicate brooch enamel restoration Bird Brooche restoration before and after Dragon fly brooche Scarab brooche before and after Brooches restoration before and after
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